UJ Fisher is a prominent music artist, song writer, singer and a producer. He's the mastermind behind the albums that you've seen all over social media and other major music platforms. Bringing the soul & realness back, UJ Fisher is passionate about music and he is rapidly ascending the heights of fame. 

His songs are ways of communicating to the world and emphasizing on how we all can help to make the world a better place, live safely with one another, and touch one another’s lives positively. His flexibility to produce songs in various genre like Hip-up, R & B, Rock, EDM etc, not Pop alone, has made him stood out among other numerous popular artists.

His talent is apparent, which is why so many of the songs you hear on social media and other music platforms seem so wonderful. His abilities are unmatched, which is why he is the go-to in Pop.  His songs contain genuine lyrics with a personal touch, a world-class production, and a complete range of potential. UJ Fisher rose to fame in the music industry after releasing his first single, "Let's Save Our Earth," in 2017. 

The fact that makes UJ Fisher's songs so special, is that he's genuinely connected to his songs and share positive and genuine emotions in his songs with the audience. He is gearing up for his latest releases, coming soon. These  songs are well composed based on melodic  songs wonderfully accompanying the excellent vocal performance of UJ Fisher. The songs are predicted to be  hits, propelling the musician to greater fame. 

On a serious note, he produces hits across all genres. Many musicians believe they are versatile because they can rap over a replacement beat, but he can wow you with entirely different styles. 


 It's Party Time  -  To Be Released on 5/29/2022  

This is a very entertaining song with cool party acoustic that will push you into dancing mood. This song is very good for party , entertainment , celebration and background music. You need to listen to it when it is released 

 I Am Gonna Stay - To Be Released on 5/30/2022 

This song  reminds us the importance of being together as partners when love binds two compatible soulmates. You really need to give someone you truly love a special place in your heart. Love is a two-way thing. It should be balanced and not one-sided. The two partners  have to make some sacrifices and commitments  to make the partnership work.  

It is a very interesting song with sweet bits that will set your head nodding up and down . "If you love me keep my place...." You need to listen to the song. 

I Will Give You Time  -  To Be Released on  5/31/2022 

 This song flashes back on our childhood days when things were somehow different from the funs children of this present generation are missing.  Life was so good then, and there was a better free world. The children of those generations enjoyed some fun like moonlight plays, candy man, fire on the mountain, bed jumping, sac race etc. The memory of those childhood days will forever, never be forgotten.  You need to listen to this song 

This song was released in 2021 

Down The Valley of Rose  

 “Down The Valley of Rose” has a virtual reality mindset of a beautiful valley of roses inhabited by happy and hardworking people who care and support one another, and assimilate harsh realities of life with great ease. As we deal with issues that confront us in life, our bodies pull and push through wears and tears of life that affect how we age if we live long. Notwithstanding what we pass through in life, we still accept our fates or destinies with warmth heart, and try to keep ourselves happy. Genuinely, getting the best in life involves hard work and sacrifices. 

These Two Songs Were Released in March 2020  

If All Dreams Were Real 

 If all dreams were real, we will all be kings... We all have big dreams about our life ambitions, but wears and tears of life could limit some of these big dreams. Listen to this track and follow the lyrics to find out more about this bitter truth. 

Come Back Home   

 Come Back Home is a Jazz track that calms your mind down. You will enjoy this acoustic most in the silence of the night , quiet early hours of the mourning or at any other time suitable for you. It is a real Jazz melody. 

The Following Songs Were Released in   2017    

​ Come Let's Dance   

"Come Let's Dance" is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with excellent entertainment melody that sets listeners into excitement and dancing motion. The music is good for fun-music-listeners, party and entertainment, DJ's,  commercials, and background music.  

"Play the Chess of Love"  portrayed the artist's creative ability  in  choosing correct lyrical expression that  turns on, listeners musical assimilation tendencies.  Love game in friendship, relationship or marriage is played like the Chess game. If both parties play well , the Chess game becomes so interesting and  they would win a love game that is balanced . But if one party plays well, the love game is not balanced, then problems begin.  

Play the Chess of Love    

​ "Play the Chess of Love" is  Rhythm & Blues (R & B), with a  critical expression of emotional power that  arouses our  music appetite, and compels us to follow the chorus and verses of the song as it passes the great message across. This song is good for sound track, background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials.  

The  Price We Must Pay     

​​ "The Price We Must Pay" is  Hip-Up . This song is good for background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials. It has that great suiting acoustic and powerful message that reminds us the importance of success in life. We have a price to pay in order to succeed in life. The difference is that we pay our prices in various ways; whether you are a student, a business person,  a service professional,  or anything else, you must have gone through a preparatory process in the form of training, studies, or other learning processes that made you who you are today. This song is good for sound track, background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials.  

Let's Save Our Earth.  

​ "Let's Save Our Earth"  is calling on all human beings alive to collectively work together to preserve our Earth as human activities, and global political tension, inevitably, mount pressure  on uncertainties for future existence of our beloved Earth. However, if those before us did not preserve the Earth for us till this day, we would not have been here presently.  

Besides, most of the hazards done to our Earth resulted from human activities.  We need to review how we deplete our  Earth, and slow down human activities  that harm the Earth .  
If the scientist are right to say that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, it should not be allowed to be destroyed during our own time. We also need to preserve it for the generations that will live after we are gone!  

This song is good for background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials. The song has richly appealing acoustic, and passes powerful message that alerts us on the importance of preserving our precious Earth.  


Great supports from fans like you boost his acoustic energy to unleash dynamic musical creativity that would surely suite you well. 

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 Let's join hands together to make our Earth a habitable place !