These Two Songs Were Released in March 2020

If All Dreams Were Real 

Come Back Home 

The Following Songs Were Released in   2017  

​ Come Let's Dance 

Play the Chess of Love 

The  Price We Must Pay 

Let's Save Our Earth. 

"Come Let's Dance" is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with excellent entertainment melody that sets listeners into excitement and dancing motion. The music is good for fun-music-listeners, party and entertainment, DJ's,  commercials, and background music. 

"Play the Chess of Love"  portrayed the artist's creative ability  in  choosing correct lyrical expression that  turns on, listeners musical assimilation tendencies.  Love game in friendship, relationship or marriage is played like the Chess game. If both parties play well , the Chess game becomes so interesting and  they would win a love game that is balanced . But if one party plays well, the love game is not balanced, then problems begin. 

​ "Play the Chess of Love" is  Rhythm & Blues (R & B), with a  critical expression of emotional power that  arouses our  music appetite, and compels us to follow the chorus and verses of the song as it passes the great message across. This song is good for sound track, background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials. 

​​ "The Price We Must Pay" is  Hip-Up . This song is good for background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials. It has that great suiting acoustic and powerful message that reminds us the importance of success in life. We have a price to pay in order to succeed in life. The difference is that we pay our prices in various ways; whether you are a student, a business person,  a service professional,  or anything else, you must have gone through a preparatory process in the form of training, studies, or other learning processes that made you who you are today. This song is good for sound track, background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials. 

​ "Let's Save Our Earth"  is calling on all human beings alive to collectively work together to preserve our Earth as human activities, and global political tension, inevitably, mount pressure  on uncertainties for future existence of our beloved Earth. However, if those before us did not preserve the Earth for us till this day, we would not have been here presently. 

Besides, most of the hazards done to our Earth resulted from human activities.  We need to review how we deplete our  Earth, and slow down human activities  that harm the Earth . 
If the scientist are right to say that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, it should not be allowed to be destroyed during our own time. We also need to preserve it for the generations that will live after we are gone! 

This song is good for background music, entertainment , good-mood-switch and commercials. The song has richly appealing acoustic, and passes powerful message that alerts us on the importance of preserving our precious Earth.